Past Events/Opportunities


University of Sydney Centre
Suzhou, China

March 17
Memories of the World: International History and Heritage Places and Spaces

Special Guests, Prof. Lynn Meskell (Stanford), with Prof. Kate Darian-Smith (Melbourne), and Prof. Paula Hamilton (UTS).
This workshop will focus on the place of heritage in the context of modern international history, and interpretative strategies for thinking about international sites of memory and heritage. It will focus on the following themes: the rise  and scope of international cultural and heritage organisations and regional/transnational networks, the politics of collective and individual  ‘memories’ of world events and what this might mean in national and local contexts.

December 12
Methods of Memory Workshop
Vienna, Austria

August 19
Sites of International Memory & Documenting UNESCO in Australia
Workshops, Sydney/Melbourne, 2015

Sponsored by: Laureate Research Program in International History, and Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney; Australian Centre of Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage, University of Melbourne; and the Australian UNESCO National Commission/DFAT
These workshops launched the Sites of International Memory project, based at the Laureate Research Program in International History, University of Sydney, and directed by Prof. Glenda Sluga.

Workshop 1. Sites of International Memory
Special Guests:
Professor Madeleine Herren (Basel)
Dr. Jens Boel (UNESCO)
Dr. Jay Winter (Yale)
August 19 1-6 pm, University of Sydney

This workshop brought together major practitioners in the new international history, and the history of memory, in order to discuss the ways in which sites of international have been important to national histories, and the historical significance of institutional and ideological internationalisms that have shaped the modern history of global governance since the late nineteenth century. Its aim is to deepen and enhance our own ‘memory’ and understanding of the cultural, social and political contexts of global governance.