image36Sites of International Memory, and Forgetting

Glenda Sluga, with Madeleine Herren, Philippa Hetherington and Peter Becker

Sites of International Memory, Suzhou, July 15 2016
Planning Workshop, Vienna, December 7 2016
Writing Workshop, Paris, UNESCO, September 2017

Past Events
Memories of the World: International History and Heritage Places and Spaces, Sydney, March 17 2016
Sites of International Memory and Documenting UNESCO in Australia, Sydney, August 19 2015
Women in the Age of Internationalism, Sydney, May 11 2015
The Power of Peace: New Perspectives on the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815), Harvard, April 11 2014


image10Memories of Global Governance

Glenda Sluga with Sverker Sorlin, Paul Warde and Sydney Environment Institute

Environment, Society, and the Making of the Modern World Workshop, Stockholm, December 14-16 2016

Past Events
Climate Capital Masterclass with Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty, Sydney, June 24 2015
Writing the International History of Economic Thought Workshop, Sydney, April 10 2015
The Political Origins of Global Justice, Columbia, July 22 2014
Nation and Empire in the Age of Internationalism, Sydney, July 21 2014
Cultures of Diplomacy: Fifth International Graduate Intensive, Sydney, July 17-18 2014
The Anglo-American Special Relationship Since 1945, Sydney, July 17 2014
Cultures of Diplomacy, Sydney, July 16 2014


image34Memories of the World: The International History of Cultural Heritage

Glenda Sluga with Kate Darian-Smith and Lynn Meskell

UNESCO Project

Past Events
UNESCO Heritage Conference, March 21 2016
Melbourne East-West, November 12-13 2015

tientsinbasemed02aTianjin, An International Settlement

Peter Becker, Philippa Hetherington, Yixu Lu, Glenda Sluga, Natasha Wheatley
with Wei Wang

Workshop, Suzhou, July 15 2016


Nicole-Kidman-InterpreterInternational Film Festival of International Film 2019

Glenda Sluga with Davide Rodogno, Heidi Tworek, Edward Mortimer (All Souls)